Digiterra and Liquid CRM have partnered to bring you a complete solution that delivers real value. Experienced increased sales and customer loyalty by maximising the benefits of your CRM solution.

What we offer

A Pre-populated baseline CRM Model

  • Liquid CRM and Digiterra have developed a baseline Echelon model for Microsoft Dynamics CRM – this provides a reduced turnaround time so you can quickly benefit from the implemented solution.
  • The model maps business strategic objectives to Liquid CRM system features, capabilities and the resources that can drive delivery against them.

Consulting Expertise and Experience

  • The benefits of the Echelon product, Digiterra's consulting expertise in the area of aligning business and IT and Liquid CRM's expertise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation combine to give you the assurance of a quality solution.

Features & Benefits

  • Unpack strategic CRM objectives – clearly understand your return on investment (ROI)
  • Link objectives to CRM features via processes, KPIs, company structure and roles, data entities and IT infrastructure – giving you a clear implementation, configuration and customisation roadmap
  • Manage organisational change and successful adoption by clearly understanding the impact of Technology, People and Process
  • Budgeting appropriately based on a comprehensive understanding of the scope

Maximising on customer relationships through an effective CRM tool can yield impressive results, but often companies struggle with:

- A lack of alignment of CRM technology with business strategy resulting in poor performance against sales targets

- A lack of understanding and buy-in to key CRM initiatives resulting in underperforming marketing campaigns

- An inability to unlock the real power of CRM to capitalised on sales opportunities

Let one our our experienced consultants assist you with customer relationship management aspects of your business. Contact us for complementary consulting session to see how our CRM solution can help you increase sales and customer loyalty.