New release of BOARD Financial Consolidation: reduces close-cycle times and enhances compliance

by Lebo Seekane / Friday, 06 October 2017 / Published in BOARD

BOARD International, the world’s leading supplier of Decision Making software for enterprises, today announced availability of the new release of its Financial Consolidation and Reporting application.

BOARD Financial Consolidation 4.0 effectively addresses the challenges that multi-entity global organisations face today with inter-company reconciliations, consolidation adjustments and group reporting, for both legal and management consolidation process.

The process-driven environment and new cutting-edge user interface within BOARD Financial Consolidation 4.0 make it easier and faster to manage, control and monitor the consolidation process across a company’s entire perimeter, highlighting the operations status and certifying internal controls for each step and any required task.

Thanks to the advanced architecture and technology of BOARD, organisations can count on a flexible, secure and scalable platform, whether they choose BOARD cloud or on-premises solution, according to their specific needs and the geographical distribution of their entities.

“ We are particularly proud of the benefits that BOARD Financial Consolidation 4.0 brings to our customers. The new release will allow Chief Financial Officers to accelerate financial closes, whilst minimising the regulatory burden, ” said Michele Bernasconi, FC&FPA Business development and Product Manager at BOARD International. “ BOARD Financial Consolidation 4.0 will help companies reduce errors within financial consolidated statements and reduce the risk of inaccurate presentations and disclosures of outcomes according to accounting framework requirements, continued Bernasconi. “Leading organisations around the world – such as Alerion Clean Power, Amadori, Leitner, Octo and Verder – are already taking advantage of our application. ”

Being part of a unified interactive platform for Performance Management and Business Intelligence, BOARD Financial Consolidation not only provides a single and consistent enterprise view of a firm’s financial position, but it also empowers users with self-service analysis on the same set of consolidated financial information from multiple and changing perspectives. BOARD Financial Consolidation supplies all the benefits of BOARD’s decision-making platform, where analysis and reporting are seamlessly integrated with planning, forecasting and simulation processes.

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