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Digiterra now offers unique, Pre-defined, easy to understand graphs and charts giving you instant insights for better decision making.  Our Digiterra Dashboards & Reporting templates will ensure that your company makes informed decisions that improve business performance with the right information at the right time. to read more click here Digiterra Reporting & Dashboarding    

Business intelligence project for Western Cape tourism the Business Challenges were: Disparate sources of information, with time consuming manual collation of data to produce reports No consolidated view of tourism information to show trends and indicate fluctuation of the tourist market Difficult for WESGRO to provide good quality information to clients to make decisions to

A leading Financial Exchange Company had the following challenges: Multiple technologies that were expensive to operate and maintain Various business processes not optimally enabled by technology Unable to align the many technologies and processes to deliver against the business strategy Read how Digiterra was able to streamline technology and processes to reduce costs: Enterprise Architecture Case

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We understand that, as a decision maker, you need access to accurate, relevant, consolidated information quickly so you can respond to business requirements or challenges.To help you make better decisions faster, we have compiled and built a set of pre-defined financial and business reports based on best practice industry metrics for each domain within the