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Digiterra’s aim is help our clients grow, meet their strategic and operational objectives and achieve success. One of the ways we do this is through our expert consultancy with a thorough understanding of IT and its ability to enable business. We have expert consultants that assist companies to deliver sustainable and innovative solutions to a variety of business

What is Echelon?

Tuesday, 10 April 2018 by

A conceptual approach to problem solving or realising opportunities in business operations   Echelon will enable you to gain a single, connected view of your business and IT components, including: Based on industry recognised frameworks and standards, our structured meta-model defines and presents the interdependency and operability of who, what, how, and where in terms

By Lawrence Serven, Regional Sales Director, The Americas, BOARD International One theme we’ve seen throughout this series is that the best performing organisations have integrated financial and operational planning. This extends to the cascading of goals down through the organisation. This means that higher level goals (such as growing sales by 100K units) is broken down

BOARD is a “one stop shop” solution that helps retailers to break down functional and organizational silos and to run effective planning, forecasting and analysis processes across the whole organization: from HQs down to countries, departments, warehouses, stores and SKU level. With BOARD, financial goals can be easily translated into inventory and assortment strategies that