Digiterra’s Qualitative Approach to Resourcing – Our 5 Step Qualification Process

By Dumisa MgudlwaMarketing and Sales Consultant: Resourcing

We don’t approach resourcing as a numbers game, but one where the quality of the resources we have working with you is key.

All of our resources are employed by Digiterra and represent the quality and integrity of our brand.  Our comprehensive selection process ensures best fit in terms of organisational culture, skills, experience and work ethic.

If at any time our resources do not meet our client’s expectations of skills, knowledge or attitude, we will endeavour to ensure a replacement.

Our resources are qualified, experienced, trained and capable to use our methodologies and toolsets ad by our clients.

We have a comprehensive and efficient 5 step qualification process, which entails the following steps:

  1. CV review and validation
  2. Initial screening questionnaire and psychometric testing
  3. First interview to determine technical skills
  4. Second interview to determine cultural fit
  5. Introduction to the Client

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