In a world of data, gaining insight from your information is critical to your business success. Digiview gives you access to predefined, customisable reports and dashboards based on best practice KPI's and metrics.

Why DigiView

DigiView is the ideal solution for you when:

  • You want to combine reporting from different data sources dynamically
  • The cost of BI is ordinarily not accessible to your business
  • You want to incorporate business measures based on acceptable international standards
  • You realize BI can improve how you measure, report and manage your business

Key Value Considerations

DigiView offers you:

  • Quick and easy Reporting and Dashboarding
  • Built-in business logic based on APQC standards
  • A simple and quick start-up process
  • An offering that does not attempt to tie you in to a long term contract


  • DigiView Stencils - Business logic covering the entire Business Value Chain.
  • Department and Organizational Dashboards
  • Pre-configured reports that take away the effort to compile them
  • Customization to meet your personalized information needs

Looking for:
Meaningful business information?
Consolidated view of financial and operational information?
Better and quicker decision making?

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DigiView Overview

DigiView consists of a set of stencils based on industry best practice metrics per reporting line.  You can select one or more stencils from the same or across reporting lines.  These stencils are visualised in a report per stencil (consisting of a set of graphs).   Graphs from different reporting lines and stencils can be collated and represented as dashboards.

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Some Technical Stuff

  • DigView runs on Microsoft PowerBI
  • Your information is stored in the Cloud

There are Two very important reasons why DigiView makes good sense

  1. You don’t have to configure anything, we do that for you (No technical BI programming capability required on your part).
  2. We have already created a wide variety of super effective graphs that measure everything that a business would ordinarily require, and if you can’t find a stencil that suits your needs we will customize one for you, no problem.

Additional Business Intelligence Consulting

Looking for experienced BI skills? Click here to find out about our BI specialist resourcing service.

The Process

DigiView Stencils and Graphs