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Short or long-term resourcing for project and business success

Clipboard with candidate


Digiterra has job opportunities for talented individuals seeking a new challenge, send us your CV for review!

Lookin for candidates


A repository of resources that augments your workforce and is fully integrable that delivers value immediately and seamlessly 

Smart Phone


Digiterra has an application that provides a platform for job-seekers and job-providers that enables full control for employment

Our recruitment process

Step 1

Write down
Determine your requirements and obtain job specifications

Step 2

Explore our database and resourcing portals

Step 3

Add a person
Match potential candidates to the opportunity

Step 4

Submit suitable CV's for your review

Step 5

Online work
Explore our database and resourcing portals

Step 6

24 hours
On-boarding and continued support

Through our collaborative approach, we hone in on what you need to connect the supply to demand.  We obtain a detailed understanding of the role and skill required, cultural requirements, contract duration, available budget, and an overview of your organisation's structure, processes and systems to understand the context of your business and cater to your specific needs.

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