Analyze, simulate, plan and predict in a single platform

Nowadays you can find plenty of point solutions for data visualization, data discovery, planning, forecasting and advanced analytics, but when it comes to making decisions you would need all of them perfectly integrated and able to share the same metrics, the same data, the same view of customers, products and markets.

Are you frustrated with the masses of error-prone spreadsheets that make it difficult to consolidate information? Do you have legacy systems that need IT input to produce reports? Do you struggle to get mission critical information to make vital decisions?

Digiterra and BOARD International have the solution for you!

The #1 Decision Making Platform

All in One - Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Analytics Software. Everything you need in a single platform


  • Speed
    HBMP in-memory technology, toolkit, data-fast track, dynamic data models: every BOARD component has been designed to ensure maximum speed of development and high performance.
  • Ease of use
    A self-service data-discovery environment enables users to easily search for information, interact intuitively with their data, and perform in-depth analyses with the utmost simplicity.
  • User Self-sufficiency
    The programming-free approach empowers business users to rapidly develop and maintain sophisticated analytical and planning applications with minimal IT Support.
  • All-in-One
    BOARD is the only software platform that seamlessly unifies Business Intelligence, Performance Management, Analytics and Data Discovery in a single product.
  • TCO
    BOARD toolkit approach delivers unrivalled agility in application building, customization and maintenance, offering a “Total Cost of Ownership” that is unachievable with traditional solutions.

Ahead of Business Intelligence
More than Analytics
Beyond Performance Management

BOARD Data Discovery – From Data to Intelligence in 30 minutes

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BOARD is named a Visionary by Gartner!

Gartner Magic Quadrants - for Cloud Strategic Corporate Performance Management Solution.


Not sure where to start?

In conjunction with BOARD Software implementation, Digiterra offers Enterprise Performance Management Consulting so you can get the most out of your investment.