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Boutique Consulting

We understand that consulting is more than just performing a function, it’s an investment
into your business.

By providing impartial and expert advice, rooted in our long consultancy heritage, our consultants will determine the best way for you to carry out your business transformation plans. Our consulting team can help you create the strategic plans you need to realise your business's long-term goals, spanning across the entire value chain, by taking a holistic view of company operations and business vision.

We can support our clients in developing strategies that drive business transformation to drive up profits, increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and risks, and improve shareholder value. This is accomplished through our consultants’ subject matter expertise alongside analytical, people and time management skills that allow our consultants to be flexible and agile while immersing themselves entirely in the process of enacting positive change and growth in your business.

Digiterra understands that in a competitive business landscape, business transformation and change within your company need to happen quickly. Our consultants can work under immense pressure and tight deadlines while continuing to provide you with exceptional advice when making decisions that are vital to the future of your business.

We can map your business in a way that supports and articulates the best methods to achieve your desired outcome, most efficiently and cohesively.

Through the integration of people, processes and technology, our team will get your business where you want to go as quickly as you need to get there, allowing for the innovation of new business strategies on the way.

Consulting services we offer

BI & Dashboarding

We transform data into knowledge and insights for better decision-making. We are able to source, collate and transform your business-critical data into key insights that allow you to do just that. Read more...

Enterprise & Systems Architecture

Our enterprise architects model your business and technology landscape and present you with multidimensional views that showcases entity relationships and identifies gaps and areas for improvement. Read more...



We implement tangible, customer-centric mobile or web based tools that improve your customer journey and keeps you current and competitive. Read more...

Systems Integration

We understand the complexities of information systems and can design and engineer an integrated architecture that seamlessly integrates various technical components into one complete, cohesive solution. Read more...