Business Intelligence & Data Analysis Consulting

Business intelligence and data analysis are increasingly being used to solve data-related problems in business organisations and systems that enable organisations to do so have been at the top of CIO spending over the past decade.

Despite this there still remains a large gap between enterprises spending money to incorporate these processes and those gaining the real and meaningful insights needed to make effective decisions for their businesses. This is as a result of four fundamental factors that aren’t widely understood:

  • More data isn’t always better;
  • Unstructured data is useful to fill a gap;
  • More frequent data has a very specific use; and
  • The key to unlock value from data is to apply context.

For this to happen, data needs to be aligned to your business strategy and processes and not the other way around.

Digiterra’s skilled and experienced business intelligence consultants are able to source, collate and transform your business critical data into key insights that allow you to do just that.

We have the capabilities to extract real value from your data that improves your efficiency and decision making (from routine to extraordinary and unexpected determinations), reduces costs, and can be used to help increase sales.

By developing organised steps that are repeatable and efficient, our consultants build structured decision making processes that can be used to transform enterprise operations from finance to HR and strategic planning.

Digiterra can help to optimise and streamline your business operations and provide you and your business with consolidated information that easily, and quickly, offers answers to questions on how to improve productivity and profitability.

Our expert consultants are able to provide you with:

  • The ability to make informed decisions;
  • Valuable insights from key business metrics, reports and dashboards;
  • Insights into customer behaviour;
  • Identification of selling and up-selling opportunities;
  • Visibility of ongoing performance and improvement opportunities; and
  • Visibility of costs.

Data has long been lauded as the “new oil”, fuelling the information economy in much the same way that oil fuelled the industrial economy. Nonetheless, the real value of data can only be extracted after it has been refined.

Digiterra’s business intelligence and data analysis consultants help you to mine this value by ensuring that your data can be turned into a significant opportunity for innovation and growth.

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