Software Development

A digital connection is a must in today’s evolving technological landscape, but it’s also a complex endeavour to embark on.  Digiterra's Software Factory simplifies this journey and delivers mobile and web applications tailored to meet your needs.

  • Remote access and online communication overcomes travel restrictions and maximises feedback
  • Designers construct prototypes to keep you involved at all times
  • Developers create logic and data storage magic in the backend
  • Our Agile approach and management dashboards keeps us on track from start to launch
  • A continuous improvement option keeps your app relevant and up-to-date


An iterative approach that focussing on collaboration and feedback with small, rapid releases delivers innovation at rapid speed.


We believe in smart designs with IOT interactions:
- Improved communication with our physical world
- Greater automation and control
- Information at your fingertips to make better decisions
- Monitoring usage or stock
- Saving time and money
- Improved quality of life


The journey starts with your requirements, translated into user stories
The UX design team designs prototypes for you to view and provide feedback
The business logic and communications team work on the interfaces and links between the front end app and IOT devices and the database
The data Storage team engage and code the database design and relationships
The front end (View) middle layer (Logic) and back end (Data) all come together to produce the finished product

SmartGuest is a feature-rich loyalty app that encourages guests to interact directly with you, easily view, book and recommend your services and receive and use loyalty rewards.