Business Transformation Software Solutions

Digital transformation is a must in today’s evolving technological landscape, but it’s also a complex endeavour to embark on.

Organisations need to equip themselves with the right tools to achieve effective transformation solution. This helps improve on customer experience, efficiency, flexibility and reduce risk while gaining better insight into customers, leading to increased innovation.

With a proven track record in building solutions that sit at the forefront of the industry, Digiterra is able to concentrate fully on your project to deliver high-quality outputs within specific timeframes. We do this by making use of the latest technological advances, supported by impeccable governance and compliance that minimises risk.

As a predominantly software-agnostic company, Digiterra is able to create bespoke software solutions to meet customer needs and also offer a diverse software suite that can help customers realise their digital transformation goals.

  • DigiView - an easy-to-use business and financial reporting software suite

DigiView is a Business Intelligence (BI) data stewardship software set that provides a collection of predefined, easy-to-understand graphs and charts. It gives you the right information at the right time, so you can make better decisions for your business, faster. It is the ideal solution for when you want to dynamically combine reporting from different data sources.

  • Orbus iServer – a tailored and integrated suite of software solutions to support key business and IT practices

In partnership with Orbus, Digiterra’s iServer is a user-friendly, affordable and practical solution to successfully plan and execute your business strategy. It provides a fast return on investment through six key management practices including, Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Analysis, Governance, Risk & Compliance, IT Portfolio Management, Project Portfolio Management and ERP Process Management.

Writing great software requires trying new approaches, and this is why we apply creative thinking to come up with innovative ideas that:

  • Optimise your business and operations technologies
  • Streamlines business workflows
  • Leaves your enterprise better equipped to adapt to customers and the competitive industry landscape

We understand that it is crucial to innovate quickly to remain competitive and therefore we deliver targeted solutions to effectively address all your business needs.

With our proprietary software offerings, managing business performance and implementing digital transformation doesn’t have to be so difficult. Contact our team for business transformation & software solutions.

How our business solutions can help you

Make better decisions

Predefined, customisable
reports and dashboards based on
best practice metrics

Plan and Execute
Strategic Change

Enterprise Architecture
Business Process Optimisation
Governance, Risk & Compliance

Fast Track
Process Optimisation

Echelon blueprint
highlights inefficiencies and
provides insights to realise opportunities