In the current corporate environment, decision-makers are facing challenges and demands everyday. More profits for shareholders, better products and services for customers, higher job satisfaction for employees and compliance from government.

Results of a Gartner Survey shows Corporate Performance Management is the highest priority in Business Intelligence in Europe.

With Corporate Performance Management, companies can monitor, view and manage their organisation’s performance according to key financial indicators such as revenue, return on investment overhead, and operational costs.

Digiterra provides management processes, frameworks, methodologies, metrics and systems that are designed to identify, define and translate strategic objectives into operational activities through optimising, analysing, monitoring, reporting and acting on performance objectives. With our expert consulting and globally recognised technology solutions, Digiterra provides a holistic approach that involves integrating a company’s goals, key indicators, and metrics in order to increase sales, streamline operations, reduce costs and increase productivity.


  • Clearly defined goals and metrics
    Experience a seamless, collaborative planning process that aligns business strategies, business measures (KPIs) and business actions.  Your performance targets can be measured and tracked to meet the value expectations of all stakeholders.
  • Ability to make informed decisions
    With provision of historical data, real-time updates, integrated departmental data stores as well as forecasting and trending to eliminate management guesswork.
  • Answers at your fingertips - increased business agility
    Consolidated information with graphs and charts quickly provides you with answers to business questions.
  • Governance and Regulatory Compliance
    Meet legal and statutory regulations (eg King III) that require new standards of disclosure, transparency and accountability.
  • Improved collaboration on strategic initiatives
    Carefully designed dashboards enable key individuals to collaborate on information prior to action and coordinate decisions - strategically, tactically and operationally - ensuring enterprise-wide resource optimization
  • Consolidated, streamlined reporting
    Minimise the challenges associated with consolidating and compiling reports from detailed financial and operational data from various applications, databases and legacy systems.

Digiterra has partnered with leading software companies and, along with expert consulting, can offer a complete corporate performance management solution.


How to make data meaningful

An insightful article by Rian Durandt, HOD: Business Intelligence & Data Analytics,

Digiterra partnership with Board International

We are pleased to announce that Digiterra has partnered with BOARD International to drive and develop Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

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