Data Analyst

Our Data Analysts service an organisation’s data analysis needs across the data lifecycle including, but not limited to maintaining the organisation’s current data integrity needs, locating changes within the broader data needs and structures of the organisation, presenting views of and transforming data based on requirements, and ensuring appropriate interfaces between data sources.

  • Our Data Analysts design and execute strategies for importing, cleaning, transforming and validating data
  • They model data with the purpose of understanding or deriving conclusions from the data for decision making purposes
  • They'll present data in views (charts, graphs, tables) relevant to a specific audience
  • Our Data Analysts also design physical and logical relational models for the collection and storage of data
  • They design data input or data collection screens and other interfaces
  • Our Data Analysts will plan, monitor and report on data related performance and integrity metrics
  • They'll also help determine organisational readiness for change

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