Strategic Blueprinting

Aligning your business and IT strategy is critical for maximising the value of IT technologies within your organisation, especially as technology has become embedded in every part of business. It is also just as important to make use of tools that enable you to locate both alignment-related problems and opportunities.

Our meta-model, Echelon™, is able to do just that while also providing the capability to understand these alignment problems and opportunities better, improving the decisions made for the business, by the business.

How can Echelon help you?

Echelon™ provides diagnostic insight into your business’ current state which can be used to understand where the concentrations of transformation are located across the business to IT continuum.

This meta-model allows you to make clearer decisions and remain responsive to market challenges and opportunities while avoiding any unnecessary expenditure and waste and efficiently allocating resources.

Echelon™ fast tracks process optimisation or implementation, and can be used as a valuable input to business performance management.

Enabling you to gain a single, connected view of all business and IT components, Echelon™ brings your strategic, process, organisation, information, application, and infrastructure verticals together into a homogenous and effective ecosystem.

These include:


  • Strategic objectives and indicators


  • Management report and value chain


  • Organisation role and unit


  • Data store and domain entity


  • Application component


  • Network, device and technology platform

How does it work?

Based on industry-recognised frameworks and standards, Echelon™ uses automated algorithms to implement the rules defined by the meta-model in order to describe the way each dimension of the business and IT continuum relates to one another in terms that ensure success for any business or IT initiative.

Echelon™ is tailored to suit your environment, highlight inefficiencies and provide insights so your business can realise opportunities.

This simple, yet effective, metamodel is an independent product that provides guaranteed value for any Enterprise Architecture software solution, and is prepopulated in iServer. It provides a working model for quick process implementation.

When do you need it?

  • If you’re struggling to achieve your KPI’s or strategy;
  • You’re a new, emerging or growing organisation;
  • Your business is undergoing transformational change; and
  • You’re looking for immediate business insight.

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