Enterprise Architect

In recent years, the Enterprise Architect (EA) role has moved out of the banking industry to pop up all over the corporate universe as companies move to align business goals and the IT infrastructure that supports the business and helps achieve those goals. The EA role has become more important as companies adopt service-oriented architecture (SOA) approaches toward application development. To realise significant cost savings with SOA, issues of software quality and reusability are key.

  • Our Enterprise Architects will take your company's business strategy and define an IT systems architecture to support that strategy
  • Our EA’s transform tech-speak into the language of business solutions, and know what technology is needed to enable business strategy
  • They’ll map, define and standardise technology, data and business processes to ensure IT enables business strategy today and tomorrow
  • They are also able to work with individual projects and deliver very concrete guidance to these projects that focuses on the successful delivery of the individual project within a macro view
  • They’ll get an understanding your company's business and dive deeply into any technology issues
  • We have EA’s who will ensure your company's technology objectives are aligned to the business goals
  • Our EA’s are able to see whether the application has been built with quality and with reuse in mind

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