Gain a single, connected view of your Business and IT components, including Strategy, People, Processes, Information, Applications and Technology

Gain Visibility of Compliance and Risks 

Execute Strategy with Planning and Impact Analysis

Identify and Fix Problems

Increase Productivity & Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Digiterra has a team of specialists who are proficient at Enterprise Architecture and process modeling. Through various frameworks and best practice disciplines, we create or re-engineer processes to align with strategy, ensure compliance and enable technology to deliver the expected results.

We use a structured meta-model, based on industry recognised frameworks and standards, that defines and presents the interdependency and operability of who, what, how and where in terms that ensure success for any business or IT initiative. This simple, effective approach, inherent in our echelon model is prepopulated in iServer but is product independent and provides guaranteed value for any Enterprise Architecture software solution.

Echelon Enterprise Architecture Blueprint

Echelon Enterprise Architecture Blueprint


  • Reduce ERP solution spend by ensuring the correct functional fit
  • Quickly locate and fix alignment related problems
  • Optimise & streamline operations and reduce operational costs
  • Manage and control changes
  • Increase strategic alignment and ability to manifest strategic objectives

Key Features

  • Strategic Objectives are linked to indicators and realised through management reports
  • Processes are re-designed to deliver against objectives measured by the indicators
  • Promotes organisational architectural health with roles linked to processes and their objectives
  • Budget is aligned to the Enterprise Strategy


How to make data meaningful

An insightful article by Rian Durandt, HOD: Business Intelligence & Data Analytics, digiterragroup.com

Case Study

A leading Financial Exchange Company had the following challenges:

  • Multiple technologies that were expensive to operate and maintain
  • Various business processes not optimally enabled by technology
  • Unable to align the many technologies and processes to deliver against the business strategy

Read how Digiterra was able to streamline technology and processes to reduce costs: Enterprise Architecture Case Study

Do you need to:
Reduce ERP solution spend by ensuring the correct functional fit?
Quickly locate and fix alignment related problems?
Optimise & streamline operations and reduce operational costs?
Increase strategic alignment and ability to manifest strategic objectives?

One of our Consultants is standing by to assist you with your data, architecture, or productivity challenge. Experience a complementary consulting session to see how our experts can solve your business or IT issue.

Our Approach

Our unique approach locates the problem or opportunity in the current state and uses the gap to design the future state.  Effective organisational change ensures a successful implementation and adoption.

Digiterra Approach

Digiterra Approach

Defines and provides insights to your current situation, highlights opportunities for optimisation and creates a plan of action for change.

Steven van ZylCIO at Advtech
I was not sure if Digiterra could deliver on their promise and if they would be a partner that we could work with. This did not come true, Digiterra has over delivered on their promise, they have worked with us on initiatives moving us forward, and have shown their knowledge and expertise no matter what the project. They are a partner of choice and I hope to develop the relationship beyond what has been achieved.