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Enterprise and Systems Architecture

Gain a single, connected view of your business and IT components

Our team of enterprise architects work across all domains and can give you a single, connected view of all the components that make up your business. This means that you have qualified visibility and traceability across the strategic, organisational, process, information, application and infrastructure domains.

The visibility that emerges allows you to target and plan areas of transformation and change with a complete understanding of the impact of that change. Approaches in this regard utilise industry-recognised frameworks, standards and notations, and are affected through our unique, structured meta-model, Echelon™.

The Echelon™ meta-model provides diagnostic insight into your current state and can be used to fast-track understanding of where the concentrations of transformation are located across the business to IT continuum.

Our team will:

  • Optimise any fragmented processes;

  • Mend any dislocations between organisational structure and strategy and process configurations;

  • Enhance application enablement of business functions;

  • Improve information and data utilisation across the business;

  • Ensure that IT infrastructure provides a stable and sustainable platform for applications; and

  • Warrant that security considerations are well incorporated; provide portfolio management capability.

Working together on a laptop
Working Together on Project


  • Reduce ERP solution spending by ensuring the correct functional fit

  • Quickly locate and fix alignment-related problems

  • Optimise & streamline operations and reduce operational costs

  • Manage and control changes

  • Increase strategic alignment and ability to manifest strategic objectives

Key Features:

  • Strategic Objectives are linked to indicators and realised through management reports

  • Processes are re-designed to deliver against objectives measured by the indicators

  • Promotes organisational architectural health with roles linked to processes and their objectives

  • The budget is aligned with the Enterprise Strategy

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