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Giving back to our planet.
One tree at a time.

We don't only help businesses blossom

Digiterra's Green Initiative

Empowering the Community

We introduce to you Digiterra's green initiative – our way of helping the rejuvenation of Earth. As a team, we decided that reforestation would be a helpful contribution to making an impact on our planet. It’s our way of helping to ensure we leave a planet for future generations. This is in collaboration with the UN's "Three-billion trees by 2030 plan". We are excited to have you along with us on this amazing journey.


Travel fast, go alone...Travel far, go together

Each of us plays a role. Working together is the most effective way to support this green initiative. For every consulting or software development sprint or new business deal concluded, we cover the costs of planting five trees in an area close to where that transaction was conducted. In this way, our clients effectively have a direct impact on reforestation. deforestation is a non-profit organisation, dedicated to making the earth a sustainable and livable environment for generations to come.

Our goal is to plant 100 trees for the year of 2022