Integration Specialist

  • Our Integration Specialists are knowledgeable and experienced in upgrading technologies
  • They have expertise in various programming languages and look into the data interfaces of the company
  • Keeps a track on integration projects and ensure that they meet business requirements and goals
  • They'll fulfil the end user requirements
  • Identify and resolve the system issues
  • Make recommendations of the integration products and services by carrying out proper researches
  • Collaborate with the vendors to identify the features that might be of value to HMA
  • Work with the analysts, system designers, and business owners to lead in the integration testing phase
  • Communicate with the software developers and engineers to address any problem in the program logic
  • Check for any issues with the operation of the new technologies or applications with the existing system software’s and applications
  • Minimize the impact of integration on various existing processes
  • Evaluate the results of the integration projects and prepare reports
  • Train the employees on new technology/application features
  • Improve the business process by integration

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