IT Service Management Consultant

  • Our ITSM Consultants will work with your organisation to determine its long-term goals, identify business opportunities and potential growth areas, and implement action plans for you organisation to achieve its long-term objectives
  • They’ll provide analytical support to your project team(s) and conduct research and data analysis for strategic consulting projects to support the team's analysis and conclusions
  • They’ll assist with the planning, strategy, and implementation of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and IT Service Management (ITSM) best practices for defense agencies, analyse IT governance structures, and identify recommendations for enhancements based on ITSM best practices
  • They analyse the design and development of IT processes to meet the evolving needs of clients and provide strategy, assessment, design and redesign, and implementation solutions for clients in IT governance, service-level management, process reengineering, service desk implementations, and information life cycle management
  • They also analyse and use strategies and reengineering approaches that ensure linkage among processes, departments, teams, and organisational structures to develop unified and consistent business approaches and performance improvement outcomes
  • We have ITSM Consultants that can lead cross-functional project teams in ITSM assessment studies, including ITIL, COBIT, and ISO 20000 to evaluate and improve existing practices and identify key operational measurements to use for process improvements and assist with the preparation of presentations and proposals and work on policy analysis for definition
  • They can also identify and provide best practice information to solve your company’s needs, exercise expertise in ITSM best practices, and maintain daily contact with junior and middle-level client management in the field

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