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Agility. It’s a skill all businesses aspire to have, but few manage to implement successfully. While much talk is devoted to agility and how it will help your business remain innovative, predict customer needs, and streak past competitors – less attention is paid to how it’s made possible. If your business is currently struggling with


‘Adapt or die’ is a common phrase aimed at businesses – but it’s usually directed towards a business’s product or service offering. A business’s ability to keep up with technological innovation, socio-political change and other rapidly evolving factors can make or break their ability to remain in a marketplace, that sees all but the most

Reporting and Dashboarding

Case Study – CPM – Financial BY MARKETING /  MONDAY, 29 JANUARY 2018 /  PUBLISHED IN UNCATEGORIZED Company B-Source is the Swiss market leader in the sourcing of bank back office and IT services to banks in private banking and wealth management.  B-Source also offers ITO services to insurance companies and other financial institutions. Combined,

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Case Study – CPM- Manufacturing

Friday, 02 February 2018 by

Company ZF Friedrichshafen AG is a leading automotive supplier and technology company specialising in drive line and chassis solutions and safety technology. The company is represented by 137,000 employees at 230 locations in nearly 40 countries. The Business Challenges In 2013, the Board of Directors introduced a uniform reporting system and setup a single Management