Our Company

We provide quality skills to take your operations to the next level;  consulting insights that solve your business or technical challenges and online mobile and web solutions that connect you with customers and deliver your sales targets.

Digiterra believes in execution excellence to transform organisations

Our approach considers all or any of the dimensions within the business-to-IT continuum – including strategy, process, people, information and technology.

What we do

Software Development
Within our Software Factory, our team of super smart and creative designers and developers use best practices, the latest smart tech and creative innovations to quickly engineer an end-to-end mobile or web solution to meet your specific needs.

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With years of experience, our team of expert consultants are able to intuitively solve a wide range of  business or technical challenges and provide sustainable solutions that help you propel your business forward.

Through our enterprise architecture interventions we are able to identify breakages or potential constraints (whether it’s organisational change, process inefficiency, architectural misalignment or technology ineptness) and help address these challenges in the most effective and efficient manner.

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We have a dedicated resourcing team that works closely with you to match your specific needs to the expertise in the marketplace, providing those essential skills when you need them - on a short, medium or long term contract.

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Why choose us?

Agile and Flexible

Our mid-size offering allows us to be flexible and agile in the solutions we implement. We help you make fundamental changes, keep pace with shifts in the market environment and achieve your strategic and operational objectives.

Professional and Friendly

A Personal Touch
We take the time to really understand your requirements and continually strive to exceed on our service delivery.

Online and Available

Our remote access facility and online communication overcomes travel restrictions and maximises discussion and feedback.

Continual Service Improvement Philosophy

We have a culture of continuous improvement, our aim is to keep your mobile or web app relevant and up-to-date to meet the changing needs of your customers and our world. We anticipate market trends and resource supply and demand, to make sure you have the skills when you need them.