We help our clients make better decisions and effectively implement business transformation.

Who we are

Digiterra is a home-grown multinational that drives the effective implementation of business transformation and helps clients make better business decisions by providing premium business and technology consultancy.

What we do

Established in 2005, we have offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and London.

We use industry-leading frameworks and best practices coupled with creative innovations to provide business intelligence solutions that allow our clients to achieve their strategic and operational goals and objectives.

Through our enterprise architecture interventions we are able to identify breakages or potential constraints (whether it’s organisational change, process inefficiency, architectural misalignment or technology ineptness) and help address these challenges in the most effective and efficient manner.

With our unique blend of cutting edge technology, consulting experience and resource provisioning, we enable organisations to quickly maximise return on investment and experience real results.

With offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and London, Digiterra leverages its rich consultancy heritage to pinpoint problems within a client’s IT architectural space to efficiently fix them, using industry-leading frameworks and best practices.

Why choose Digiterra

Our mid-size offering allows us to be flexible and agile in the solutions we implement to help our clients make fundamental changes, keep pace with shifts in the market environment and achieve their strategic and operational objectives.

With no restrictive policies, we are better able to service our customers by providing a bespoke solution that supports business transformation without losing sight of business identity and strategy.

Founded in 2005, Digiterra connects people, processes and technology through its three-pronged offering of consulting, resourcing and software services.


Without specific, accurate and available information, managing business performance can be very difficult.

Our team of experienced specialist consultants provide strategic insights, backed by an effective suite of software solutions, to help businesses ensure quality, mitigate risks, identify inefficiencies and measure achievements quickly and effectively.

Digiterra offers two software product solutions, and one plug-in, in the following areas of business:

Enterprise Architecture – iServer by Orbus

Business Transformation – Echelon Plug-In for iServer

Business Performance Management (Reporting & Dashboards) - DigiView


Our consultants’ ability to understand the complexities of a client’s business allows us to identify organisational opportunities and help propel transformation forward.

Through collaboration, our experts create or engineer processes to align with your business strategy while ensuring impeccable governance and compliance, which is critical during the uncertain times brought about by a rapidly evolving technological landscape.


Our extensive experience and client knowledge ensures that the best resources are found and placed in the quickest possible time.

Using a rigorous and personalised approach to securing resources, we provide quick turnaround times for short-term capacity demands on both a contractual or time-and-material basis.

We understand that organisations across all industries are faced with similar challenges when undergoing business transformation, and our team of professionals are fully equipped to address these challenges, while making sure you can do more than just survive in an evolving business environment.

Talk to us to see how our team can help deliver a solution that suits your business transformation needs.

Digiterra believes in execution excellence to transform organisations

Our approach considers all or any of the dimensions within the business-to-IT continuum – including strategy, process, people, information and technology.