Aligning Technology to Strategy through Enterprise Architecture (2015)

The Business Challenge

  • Multiple technologies that are expensive to operate and maintain.
  • Various business processes not optimally enabled by technology
  • Unable to align the many technologies and processes to deliver against the business strategy

The Goal

  • Consolidate and streamline technology and processes to reduce costs
  • Simplify and integrate business processes to improve productivity and reporting
  • Reduce the number of non-standard business functions
  • Implement changes without disruption to business

Our Approach

  • Collaborate & Upskill
  • Evaluate processes
  • Evaluate technology
  • Model existing processes and technology
  • Optimise processes a and model future state
  • Highlight risks and impacts
  • Create Roadmap for solution deployment

The Solution

  • A model showing an optimised future state of processes and technology, with risks and mitigation suggestions.
  • A roadmap for the implementation of the solution

The Value

  • Clear understanding of how to meet strategic business objectives
  • Comprehensive plan to design and deploy a technology evolution solution
  • Highlighted risks and impacts
  • Socialised of the concept for greater project implementation success