Business Analyst Simplifies Complexity for Reporting of Major Financial Services Provider (2018)

The Business Challenge

One of SA’s Major Financial Services groups needed to consolidate reporting that was decentralised across different divisions that were making use of a variety of reporting tools.  The challenges included:

  • The collation of data from disparate sources
  • Including complex reporting based on custom-built financial risk models
  • Lack of regulatory reporting for compliance that could lead to possible governance penalties
  • Difficulty obtaining buy in from organisation-wide stakeholders

The Goal

The objective was to architect a reporting solution that:

  • Would meet the functionality and usability needs of the different divisions
  • Would include an industry best-of-breed analytics engine to cater for complex financial reporting requirements.
  • Could be easily adopted by the divisions within the organisation (facilitate stakeholder buy-in) to ensure timeous delivery of the solution.

The Solution

The architecture and presentation of a diagram-based model, where the client could visually depict the end-to-end technical solution landscape and business users could understand the proposed process and solution.

The Approach

Our Business Analyst resource played a pivotal role in the project by:

  • Designing the business analysis approach
  • Developing the solution approach, scope and business case
  • Conducting workshops to illicit and document the requirements
  • Supporting the project management function.
  • Producing outputs that included:
  • A business case
  • Business Requirement Specification (BRS)
  • Functional requirements, context diagrams, processes, domain models, business rules, constraints functional and non-functional requirements

The Value

A clear understanding (model) of a reporting solution that addressed business and regulatory requirements.  The model was used to obtain consensus and buy in from stakeholders and provided input to the implementation of a reporting solution.