BI helps grow tourism in the W Cape – WESGRO (2016)

Case Study


The Business Challenge

  • Disparate sources of information, with time consuming manual collation of data to produce reports.
  • No consolidated view of tourism information to show trends and indicate fluctuation of the tourist market.
  • Difficult for WESGRO to provide good quality information to clients to make decisions to influence and grow tourism in the Western Cape.

The Goal

To provide structured, categorised tourist information (demographics, behaviours, spend, preferred locations)  in user-friendly formats that can be used in targeted marketing campaigns to attract tourists to the Western Cape.

The Scope

The intelligence needs of WESGRO’s Research Unit and Corporate Services (i.e. Finance, IT and HR) as well as Tourism, Trade, Investment, Economic, Corp Services and Air Access.

Our Approach

  • Workshops to gather information.
  • Application of the ‘design first’ methodology – data Analytics approach.
  • Fast-tracked process following a Kimball methodology (ease of end user accessibility).
  • Rapid Prototype development

The Solution

  • Integration of data from disparate sources into subject areas organized by commonly understood business terms and validated for accuracy to ensure that the business can rely on it to make decisions
  • Design of a central repository of information incorporating information from internal and external systems
  • Implementation of Microsoft Power BI – with reports, portals, analytical and visualization tools that deliver user-friendly self-service charts and graphs.

Wesgro image 300x175 - BI helps grow tourism in the W Cape - WESGRO (2016)

The Value

  • Quick time to market with a 2 month project.
  • Rapid prototypes to quickly establish and confirm solution benefits.
  • Upskilled, self-sufficient resources able to update and maintain the databases and develop dashboards.
  • Consolidated, visually represented information to give WESGRO greater understanding of tourism in the Western Cape to use in the growth of the tourist industry.
  • YEAR 2016
  • WE DID Business Intelligence Dashboards
  • PARTNERS Rian Durandt