Improved Process Efficiency and Compliance to Customer Service Standards for the IIE (2015)

Independent Institute of Education (IIE) –  Blueprint Enterprise Architecture Project

The IIE required an analysis of their Student query and resolution and material development, moderation, review and distribution processes with a view to improving them in terms of their efficiency and adherence to customer service standards. Due to the fact that these processes cut across multiple units and duplication of tasks, customers were experiencing inefficiencies and a lack of coherence.

The team of Business Analysts, made use of Digiterra’s unique echelon blueprint and provided a:

  • Current state view of the strategy, processes, application and organisational role dimensions of the scoped units.
  • Gap analysis showing inefficiencies, bottlenecks and duplication across the dimensions.
  • Organisational Change plan with recommendations and optimised future state view

The  Organisational Change plan provided the IIE with a roadmap towards streamlining operations and increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.