Improved Efficiency & Compliance of Student Registration Process for IIE (2017)

The Independent Institute of Education (IIE) is the county’s largest registered and accredited private provider of higher education delivering more than 70 qualifications to 30 000 students on 20 campuses.   The IIE employs in the region of 100 people in the central team and over 3000 across the Institute (permanent and contract).

In the first engagement (2015/2016) Digiterra enabled the IIE to re-engineer all of its operations and material development processes.  This resulted in the restructuring of the division and associated processes and enabled the IIE to scale without further additional staff in the central team by about 20% in terms of modules managed in the two years that followed Digiterra’s engagement.

This second engagement is  related to the Registrar’s Office that required an analysis of current processes to enable them to deal with the increased student numbers as well as more complex and additional compliance requirements. The IIE engaged Digiterra’s services towards the back end of 2017 to address the increased demand and complications inherent to the Registrar’s Office.

The objectives of the engagement were to:

  • Discover and document the current set of processes as per the project scope
  • Discover and document gaps associated with the processes in question within the context of their efficiency and adherence to quality standards
  • Make recommendations and document a future state of the processes in question

Dr Felicity Coughlan, Director of the IIE, is happy to testify that Digiterra has delivered on these objectives.  “The engagement has been fruitful and productive, and the solutions are implementable, scalable and useful.  We recommend them as a capable service provider in this regard”.

  • CLIENT Independent Institute of Education (IIE)
  • YEAR 2017
  • WE DID Strategic Planning & Blueprinting