Improved Service Proficiency and Delivery for Liberty (2015)

Liberty –  SMPI Service Management Proficiency Index

Liberty had a requirement to assess the maturity and capability of their Group Technology Service (GTS) Service Management processes and operations, with a view to improving GTS service proficiency and delivery.

The project aimed to understand and report on Liberty GTS  Service Management proficiency to identify any required changes and ultimately to improve GTS  service delivery.

The project consisted of a series of workshops that comprises one-on-one or group sessions (conducted by an ITSM consultant) with various key stakeholders, to gather information and evidence of existing GTS service management proficiency.

The data and evidence was collated, analysed and a proficiency report was produced that highlighted gaps and provided recommendations for improvement.

An action plan (in conjunction with the key Liberty stakeholders) was developed to close any gaps.

The assessment was completed within two months and the gap analysis report and roadmap was delivered three weeks thereafter.

The report and action plan allowed Liberty to focus on specific activities to improve service proficiency and delivery.

  • CLIENT Liberty
  • YEAR 2015
  • WE DID Capability and Maturity Assessment