Standardising Architecture Practices for Liberty (2017)

The enterprise architecture competency within Liberty is tasked with standardising the architecture practices for the organisation. Liberty is using iServer as the tool for modelling the architectural domains, namely business, information systems, integration and infrastructure domains.

The architecture standardisation effort has not yet concluded with the following items remaining unresolved:

  1. All stakeholders have not yet reached consensus to the metamodel
  2. Governance surrounding the architecture practices has not been formalised

Liberty’s architecture competency therefore required:

  1. The arbitration between stakeholders across architectural domains in order to finalise the metamodel that will service the organisation’s needs
  2. The development of a governance strategy for the architecture practices
  3. The development of an adoption strategy that incorporates the architectural practice as well as iServer as a tool

Digiterra was engaged in a project towards the latter part of 2017 and delivered the following objectives:

  • Metamodel Requirements Discovery
  • Metamodel Future State Design
  • Designing iServer Templates
  • Develop a reference model
  • Discover EA Practice Requirements
  • Design Future State EA Practice