Repeatable, Maintainable Software Development and Quality Coding for QCS (2015)

QCS – (QUALITY ASSURANCE SOFTWARE SYSTEMS (PTY) LTD) – System review, support and management


Pathogen and Environmental Solutions (PES) is a provider of pest control products with seven distribution and sales centres located across South Africa, Kenya, Namibia and Nigeria.

The Quality Assurance division within PES makes use of Quality Assurance Software Systems (QASS) to monitor and track pest control units within a geographical space. The QA division was looking for professional ongoing maintenance and development of their application.

Digiterra’s review highlighted both positive and negative elements in respect of the system and highlighted risks in respect of maintainability, quality, predictability and key-man vulnerability.

In order to address these risks the software development aspects of the product needed to be located within the formality of a repeatable and maintainable process and the code base quality issues needed to be addressed in a systematic way.

Digiterra provided:

  • A review of the system
  • Documentation of requirements for future enhancements, development and maintenance.
  • Introduction of quality testing as a key discipline (code based unit testing as well as functional regression testing and performance testing).
  • Formal, management of system deployment and release cycles
  • Monitoring and management of the quality of service


Digiterrra continues to perform ongoing maintenance and management of the QASS system.

  • CLIENT Quality Assurance Software Systems (Pty) Ltd
  • YEAR 2015
  • WE DID System Review, System Support, System Maintenance
  • PARTNERS Dimitri Vratsanos, Veena Vincent, Kervin Mamdoo