In a world of data, gaining insight from your information is critical to your business success. DigiView gives you access to predefined, customisable reports and dashboards based on best practice KPI's and metrics.

Data has become one of the most important resources for a business, but its value lies in the insights that can be gained from it. Business Intelligence (BI) reporting software, DigiView, provides valuable insight to decision-makers that allows them to make better decisions, faster.

With no need for any configuration on the user’s side, DigiView can be used to maximise business opportunities, reduce risks, ensure sustainability and improve on profitability by measuring performance and providing accurate predictions.

This puts you in control of your business, where it’s going and how it’s growing.

DigiView is an easy to use Business Intelligence solution and is an essential tool to help drive transformation in your business to ensure that you are responsive to your customer and market needs.

Some of DigiView’s features include:

  • Accessible reports that can be viewed from any device
  • Easily combine reporting from different data sources
  • A wide variety of super-effective stencils ready for you to use out-the-box
  • Secure storage of information in the Cloud
  • A customisable solution of pre-populated reports and graphs, tailored to your specific needs
  • Integrated and easy-to-understand dashboards
  • Real value at a very low cost

Using the DigiView Stencil, you can build reports that are able to deal with complex calculations while spending less money on reporting with specialised skills in 6 easy steps.

  • A Stencil = Set of any 3 Reports
  • A Report = Combination of graphs and selectors with a maximum of 5 per Report
  • A Dashboard = combination of any amount of graphs taken from any Report within any stencil

How does it work?

DigiView runs on Microsoft PowerBI, a Business Intelligence analytics service which provides interactive visualisation and BI capabilities through a simple interface, and is viewed through SharePoint Reporting Services.

DigiView will help you understand historic, real-time and predictive data so that you can make informed decisions to accelerate and optimise operational efficiencies.

Through the agile Business Intelligence software reporting tool, DigiView, you are able to choose from the pre-defined Sales, Human Capital Management, Finance & Marketing reports, or create your own.

Price & Sign-Up Options

  • Once Off Initialization Fee of £970
  • Stencil - £89 per Stencil per month which includes one user license
  • Dashboard - £12 per Dashboard per month
  • Additional User Licenses - £15 per User license per month

Additional Customisation Options

Option 1

  • Account Manager

6 hours of consulting time

£375.00 (£62.50 per hour)

       Option 2

  • Account Manager

12 hours of consulting time

£540.00 (£45.00 per hour)

        Option 3

  • Account Manager

18 hours of consulting time

£630.00 (£35.00 per hour)

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You can benefit immediately from pre-defined reports and graphs or choose a customisation package that suits your specific requirements and budget

Access to Industry Metrics and Sound Business Logic

Gain instant insights to your business performance with industry standard metrics and KPIs that show you what you need to know

No Technical Expertise Required

You have access to our Business Intelligence experts, who have already setup insightful reports per reporting line and will work with you to identify and connect your data

An Affordable Reporting Software Solution

When the cost of a complete BI Solution is not accessible to your business, you can benefit from a monthly subscription service that you can de-activate at any time

  • Stencils
  • £89
    per month
  • 3 Reports per Stencil with 2-3 x Graphs per Report
  • 2-3 x Selectors per graph (to filter the graphs)
  • 1 User Licence
  • Initialization (£970 - once off)
  • Customisation on a Stencil
  • £53
    per hour
  • £440 for 6 hours (£73/hour)
  • £780 for 12 hours (£65/hour)
  • £970 for 18 hours (£53/hour)

DigiView Overview

DigiView consists of a set of stencils based on industry best practice metrics per reporting line.  You can select one or more stencils from the same or across reporting lines.  These stencils are visualised in a report per stencil (consisting of a set of graphs).   Graphs from different reporting lines and stencils can be collated and represented as dashboards.

Looking for:
Meaningful business information?
A consolidated view of financial and operational information?
Better and quicker decision making?