Sales Trend Analysis Report

This report gives you valuable insights into how well your busines is performing so you can confidently make changes to ensure sustainability and improve profitability.

Reporting and Dashboarding

The Benefits of Using Sales Trend Analysis

Determine sales performance, and change where necessary.
Meet accurately forecasted demand with supply.
Manage your inventory based on demand and supply.
Build an effective sales process to maximise on efforts

This report gives you:

  • Insights to determine both opportunities and potential problems.
    You can track if a product is increasing or decreasing in sales, and based on this decide to cut prices, initiate marketing campaigns, or discontinue the product.
  • Information about customer demand - so you can ensure you have sufficient inventory across channels.
  • An easy, measurable way to track sales progress to see if sales targets are being met.

See up-to-date sales figures, with the following selection options:

By Customer

By Location

By Salesperson

By Product