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SmartGuest First Release goes live on
1 September 2020!

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Smart Guest

SmartGuest is a feature-rich loyalty app that encourages guests to interact directly with you, easily view, book and recommend your services and receive and use loyalty rewards. As the core concepts, SmartGuest provides:

Customer Relationship Management

Guests provide contact details and share invitations with friends and family (additional signups)


Guests get points on signup and online payments. Points are redeemed for discounts on purchases

& Tourism Growth

Reduce costs & grow travel and tourism - through direct guest engagement

& Safety

Supporting a consciousness towards sustainability. Addressing the challenges of COVID-19

We Offer

An app that is specifically designed for the hospitality industry
An app that is yours to brand and manage content
Ongoing maintenance and enhancements

Watch the Video

SmartGuest Restaurant Walkthrough

Why have your own App?

Improve Guest Relationships

Direct communication with your guests to communicate specials, promotions and important information

Encourages repeat business as guests feel valuable and remembered

Easy online bookings with layouts of rooms and shared spaces that creates confidence

Address Health & Safety

Provide a safe environment, with reduced physical contact for guests' peace of mind

Replaces printed material (brochures and menus)

Thermal imagery cameras show occupancy of shared areas (restaurants etc)

Save Money & Effort

Direct bookings incur no commission to 3rd party booking sites

Electronic, contactless information: saves on printing costs; is easy to keep up-to-date; is easily accessible on a smartphone; eliminates printed items, reduces cleaning and sanitation efforts and costs

Increase Profits

Wifi-for-life increases the promotion and use of you facilities, increases day trade

Improve Decision Making

Data & Analytics give you an overview of what works and when to plan with knowledge and confidence

A Lifetime of Loyalty

Built in electronic loyalty scheme, tailored to suit your environment to encourage your guests to come back whenever possible, and share their positive experiences with friends and family

Why SmartGuest?

Low Monthly Subscription

No Cost to Implement

Fully Customisable

Self Service Updates

Feature Rich Functionality

For All Guests

For All Guests

One time registration, then seamless sign in
Saved favourites for easy reference
Ratings and reviews
Easy reservations and online bookings
Notifications to view and book specials
Online payments to claim loyalty points
Online information about the venue and it's policies

For hotel guests

For hotel guests

Online reservations and check-in
Search by location (floor-plan), room facilities (views, balcony etc), dates, price range
Easily book facilities (gym, spa etc)
Smartphone is key to room, parking, facilities etc
Access an online hotel directory and contacts
Order room service, housekeeping, laundry, etc

For Restaurant Guests

For Restaurant Guests

Online reservations for a table or at home dining
Share reservations with friends (additional signups)
View restaurant floor-plan and choose a table
View and order from an online menu for each guest

SmartGuest Restaurant Mobile Screens

Feature Set Packages

A variety of options to suit your venue and budget

SmartGuest Early Release
SmartGuest Entry Level Package
Modular Package
Premium Package

Early Release

A customisable App with a built in CR
Guests can view your menu and specials, book online and send and receive messages.
Get started today!

Entry Level Package

Designed for fast adoption at an attractive price
Has a number of rich features and optional extras.

Modular Package

Purchase additional future feature sets separately
Switch to Premium package any time

Premium Package

Enhancements and new features at no additional costs
Discounted price for first 6 months

For Restaurants

The following feature set packages are available for restaurants:

For Hotels

The following feature set packages are available for hotels:

If you are looking to reconnect with your guests, grow your business conscientiously and sustainably, then sign up with SmartGuest today