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Software Development

Fast Paced Innovation

In fast-paced business environments like yours, we understand that it is crucial to innovate quickly. Rapid innovation not only keeps you ahead of competitors but also allows you to respond effectively to changing market trends and customer preferences.

We deliver targeted solutions that effectively address the needs of both your business and your customers. Our services are cost-effective and supported by full quality and best practices competency. Our approach centers on a thorough analysis of your specific challenges and goals.

Targeted Solutions

Prototyping & Feedback

The journey starts with your requirements, translated into user stories. The UX design team designs prototypes for you to view and provide feedback. This iterative design process is a crucial phase that ensures your vision is transformed into a tangible user experience.

Business Logic & Communication

The business logic and communications teamwork on the interfaces and links between the front-end app and IOT devices and the database. This collaborative effort is pivotal in ensuring the seamless functionality and performance of your solution.

Customised, strategically aligned applications

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Greater automation and control
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Information at your fingertips to make better decisions
Monitoring changes
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Money saving
Saving time and money

Benefits to you:

  • Quicker time to market - Our expert IT professionals have the right skills, equipment and Agile approach to quickly deliver quality results.

  • Cost savings through quality assurance and compliance - Our services are supported by full quality and best practices competency that reduces the number of defects and changes.

  • Access to the latest technological advances - We have a proven track record in building cutting-edge solutions with the latest technologies.

  • We focus on your strategy - We have a dedicated team that will concentrate entirely on your project to deliver high-quality outputs within the time frames.

  • We bring a fresh perspective - We know that writing great software requires trying new approaches and thinking out of the box. Let us surprise you with our innovative ideas.

  • Less Risk - With our experienced project management team and proven SDLC approach your business requirements are materialised efficiently and cost-effectively

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What we are currently developing:

Along with helping other businesses innovate and create amazing software applications, Digiterra has embarked on its own software development journey, these applications are currently in the process of being developed and released:

  • SmartGuest - a feature-rich loyalty app that encourages guests to interact directly with you, easily view, book and recommend your services and receive and use loyalty rewards

  • SmartPeople - a platform for gig workers and gig employers to connect and engage with one another

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