About Digiterra

Founded in 2005, Digiterra has become a multinational software and resourcing group. We focus on providing business and IT solutions through our factory services and augmented workforce offerings. 


Digiterra aims to be a recognised, trusted partner providing sustainable and innovative solutions that help people and organisations reach their full potential


To transparently deliver real value efficiently and consistently -  respecting
our resources, our clients and our planet



Customer orientated


About the Software Factory

Our factory provides software development and consulting on a sprint-by-sprint basis that delivers value immediately. We reduce risk and maximise effort through standardised, agile work practices. We have a fully stacked team with a range of skills and experience ready to launch your innovation initiative.

Car Factory



Our factory is optimised and structured to produce a predictable and seamless experience with minimal wastage. Our designers can quickly produce models and prototypes for review and approval. Our development team build the logic and database components that bring the mobile or website screens to life.

Commuting to Work

Single Sprint


Our fully stacked team follows an agile approach that delivers value with every 2-week sprint. We can size and scale sprints (small, medium or large) according to your requirements. You can follow your sprint progress with a dashboard that shows task status and sprint velocity as we chase the sprint goals.

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Focus on


We use low code capability, progressive web applications, spring frameworks, automated testing technology and component libraries which enables reuse of common features, builds and tests applications (designed for range of devices) faster and maximises the output of a sprint.


and trust

We follow agile practices with daily stand-ups and regular engagement to ensure complete transparency and build trust.

We take care of our clients, ensuring complete transparency with the progress of the goal as well as perfect line of communication

We use modern tools and best practices to reduce risk and deliver quality consistently. 

Modern management tools

We take care of our clients, ensuring complete transparency with the progress of the goal as well as perfect line of communication

Augmented capability

Digiterra has curation capability when you need it,

meaning you gain access to the right skills as you need them,

immediate skill without hassle

Iterative short cycle outcomes

Bite-size iterations allow you to track progress on an ongoing basis. Our plug-and-play components provide for rapid development, giving you quality outcomes every two weeks.

About the Augmented Workforce

Digiterra has a wide network of skilled candidates that can be easily deployed into your business. Small or large, we can quickly and efficiently supplement your workforce with various skills that create value immediately.

We provide you with fit-for-purpose resources to support your business needs.

Finding the right resource at the right time is crucial. We provide the skills you need for short or long-term contracts. We are dedicated to placing the most appropriate resources as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Creative Office
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Flexible resourcing options

  • Every project is different. We are able to find a solution that best suits you. We offer:

    • Predictable monthly costing

    • Flexible options for short, medium and long-term engagements

    • Aligned to contextual needs and requirements

What makes us different?

  • Deep subject matter expertise and experience in our recruitment team

  • Candidates are screened for technical and cultural fit

  • We alleviate your resourcing HR and administrative challenges

  • Flexible permanent or contract (short or long-term) solutions

  • Extensive networks and rich sources of available skills

Why choose Digiterra?

Agile and

Our mid-size offering allows us to be flexible and agile in implementing solutions. We help you make fundamental changes, keep pace with shifts in the market environment and achieve your strategic and operational objectives.

Professional and Friendly

We take the time to understand your requirements and continually strive to exceed our service delivery.

Online and Available

Our remote access facility and online communication overcome travel restrictions and maximise discussion and feedback.

Continual Service Improvement

We have a culture of continuous improvement, our aim is to keep your mobile or web app relevant and up-to-date to meet the changing needs of your customers and our world.

Diverse and deep domain expertise

The skills and knowledge within our core management and factory teams provide a rich source of innovative solutions and answers to any of your business and technical challenges