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Our Story

We are more than just a company.

Founded in 2005, we have created lasting bonds and have a deep connection with one another that goes beyond your typical IT business. We have grown from a small South African business to a leading IT and Talent services provider.

Evolve with precision

To revolutionize industries through cutting-edge software products, becoming the go-to partner for transformative digital solutions that empower our customers to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape.


Dedicated to relentlessly delivering tangible and innovative software value, fostering transparency and efficiency. We commit to honouring our resources, prioritizing client success, and contributing to the well-being of our planet.


Our Values

Our thoughts, words and actions are aligned


We create useful and unique solutions for any challenging situation


We work together as a team towards a common goal


We are kind and considerate to our planet and its people


Our Team

Chris Jones

Chief Executive & Financial Officer

Dimitri Vratsanos

Chief Operations Officer

Kervin Mamdoo

Chief Technology Officer

Carol Castrillon

Head of Sales & HR

Navania Gounden

Head of Growth & Talent

Some of Our Satisfied Clients

We don't only help businesses blossom


Green Initiative

We introduce to you Digiterra's green initiative – our way of helping the rejuvenation of Earth. As a team, we decided that reforestation would be a helpful contribution to making an impact on our planet. It’s our way of helping to ensure we leave a planet for future generations. This is in collaboration with the UN's "Three-billion trees by 2030 plan". We are excited to have you along with us on this amazing journey.

Giving back to our planet.
One tree at a time.


Total number of trees planted


Total number of months of oxygen generated


Total amount of CO2 stored


Total number of shelters for animals created

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