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From ideation to product creation

What can Digiterra do for you?
Software Development

Digiterra's Software Factory simplifies the digital connection and delivers mobile and web applications tailored to meet your needs.

Boutique Consulting

Our consultants collaborate with you and share innovative ideas on how you can implement your business transformation strategies.

Top Talent

We supply your business with top talent that will augment your workforce and streamline your business success.

About our services

Digiterra provides software development and consulting on a sprint-by-sprint basis that delivers value immediately. We reduce risk and maximise effort through standardised, agile work practices.
We have a fully stacked team with a range of skills and experience ready to launch your innovation initiative.

What can you expect from the factory?


By making use of design systems and a component library we

re-use feature sets. This saves development time and provides you with more new features in your sprints.


By making use of Progressive Web Applications (PWA), we are able to develop a single code base that is intended to support
all platforms on a standard browser, including both
desktop and mobile devices.


Through prototyping, agile milestone delivery and continuous communication, we keep you informed throughout the sprint. There are no surprises and you know what to expect at the end of the sprint.

How do we deliver our factory services?

how we deliver
Digiterra´s Software Factory

Our factory is structured in such a way as to deliver a predictable and seamless experience with minimal wastage.


Our team of analysts and designers meet with you to understand your requirements and create models and prototypes for your review.


By making use of Progressive Web Applications (PWA), we are able to develop in a single code base that supports all platforms on a standard browser, for both desktop and mobile devices.

Information and Data

Our database experts build secure, robust data stores that provide a rich data repository for any system.

What is our engagement process?

Two workers with laptops

1. Sprint Review

What is our value proposition?

We have an Agile approach to deliver value on a sprint basis. A sprint is a time-boxed iteration (two weeks) of a continuous delivery cycle.  Sprints are sized according to complexity, volume and risk. The average factory velocity is 60 points per full-time equivalent (FTE) resource. Full stacked teams are sized according to the required volume of points. We provide scalable standard, medium and large sprints.

Sprint value


points per sprint

Standard sprint

(3 FTE stacked team)


points per sprint

Medium sprint

(6 FTE stacked team)


points per sprint

Large sprint


(12 FTE stacked team)

Customed sizing is also available depending on the need or specifically required output.

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