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Acquire specialised top-talent for your team today!

All Your Business Needs in a
Single Human-Powered Workspace

Digiterra's Software Factory simplifies the digital connection and delivers mobile and web applications tailored to meet your needs.


We have subject matter experts that generate value immediately. Our dedicated team ensures you receive the best talent, the perfect fit for your business.


By making use of design systems and a component library we

re-use feature sets. This saves development time and provides you with more new features in your sprints.


Our Agile approach and management dashboards keep us on track from start to launch. With daily team online communication maximizing design thinking, and provide ongoing input and feedback to you and your business


Developers create logic and data storage magic in the back end while focusing on continuous improvement that keeps your business ideas relevant and up-to-date through your digital journey


By making use of Progressive Web Applications (PWA), we are able to develop a single code base that is intended to support all platforms on a standard browser, including both desktop and mobile devices.


Why choose a Microsoft Gold Partner?

Dedicated assistance for products and cloud services.


Tailor your Microsoft product support to your unique requirements. If you have specific security settings or product limitations, we can focus on addressing them. Custom inquiries receive direct responses from Microsoft. We also grant you access to specialised support centres for products like Azure.

Specialised staff


Selecting a Microsoft Gold Partner ensures that your MSP includes specialists in Microsoft products. Certified in various Microsoft products, we offer you the flexibility to choose the best fit for your business, putting it in capable hands.

Accelerated customer support.


Microsoft prioritizes any issues you encounter with its products. If Digiterra encounters any challenges resolving a problem, the Microsoft gold partnership acts as an additional safety net, ensuring swift resolutions to your concerns. This is particularly crucial for businesses relying entirely on Microsoft for their digital infrastructure.

Enhanced, quality-ensured business operations.


The Microsoft partnership is renewed annually, requiring us to have our staff recertified yearly, demonstrating adherence to Microsoft Gold standards. This ensures you're engaging with a company that stays current with the latest trends in Microsoft products and consistently upholds the knowledge and skills of its staff.


Our team of analysts and designers meet with you to understand your requirements and create models and prototypes for your review.


By making use of Progressive Web Applications (PWA), we are able to develop in a single code base that supports all platforms on a standard browser.

Information and Data

Our database experts build secure, robust data stores that provide a rich data repository for any system.

Agile approach

We have an Agile approach to deliver value through two-week sprints, varying in size based on complexity, volume, and risk.

The Software Factory

At Digiterra we have a structured multi-skilled software factory that produces excellent business-enhancing products on time and within budget.

Get Top Talent for Your Team

Augment your workforce

Digiterra excels at providing specialised and skilled talent for short or long-term project success. We offer remote, hybrid, and on-site IT professionals to enhance your team, tailored to your needs.

A repository of top talent that augments your workforce and is fully integrable to deliver value immediately and seamlessly:

  • Finding the right talent at the right time is crucial for business success

  • We provide the skills you need for short or long-term contracts

  • We are dedicated to augmenting your workforce and placing the most appropriate skilled talent as quickly and efficiently as possible

+18 years

augmenting in-demand skills to blue-chip companies

+265 top-talented

individuals available from across the globe

1 week

to onboard your new skilled talent to your team

+1000 candidates

placed successfully in top roles

+50 businesses

that received top-talent from Digiterra

+100 roles

at various industry levels

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